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Knowing Your Location

Knowing where you are now is the first step in getting to your destination. Summit Energy's Green Positioning System - or "GPS" - will help you set your sustainability destination and avoid potholes along the way.

Where are you now?

Start by determining your present sustainability position.

You have increasing pressure from customers to "be more green." Investors are seeking answers around environmental performance. Employees are expecting to see definitive forward progress on sustainability related issues. Carbon regulations are on the docket. In short - sustainability is becoming more a part of your world more than ever before. Summit is relied upon by companies around the world to develop sustainability strategies that address these ever-changing dynamics. Our experienced team guides you through a structured, defined process, the "Green Positioning System", or "GPS," that helps you effectively determine your path forward.

Sustainability Strategy Development
As companies move down the sustainability road, they must be guided by a solid strategy. Summit's integrated delivery model, starting with the Sustainability Exchange, helps companies understand and assess their position, develop a strategy and implement specific, actionable goals that lead to competitive and economic advantages. Summit's team of experienced sustainability professionals can help you craft strategies that deliver the required level of "green" to your stakeholders and to the bottom line.

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Proprietary Delivery Model
From start to finish, our team of experienced sustainability professionals helps companies on initiatives from greenhouse gas emissions baseline development to solar energy project implementation. Whether managing an advanced program or just starting to develop a sustainability program, your organization needs the confidence that all components and functions that tie into a plan are integrated. Our delivery model ensures the road traveled to sustainability is one that your organization can follow without becoming diverted along the way.

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