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Navigating the Road

When you move down the road to sustainability successfully, the economic benefits merge with the ecological advantages. The fuel for your journey can often be paid for in the savings implemented. That's how the Summit Energy GPS helps you navigate the road.

How can you proceed safely?

Energy efficiency. The two "E's" in green.

One way to make the journey more successful is to make it more efficient. Summit helps you keep an eye on the road ahead and can recommend corrective action when we see something amiss. Just as correct tire pressure can get you higher miles per gallon, the right energy usage can get you more mileage out of your kilowatts.

Energy Benchmarking
Summit has a long and successful track record of helping global energy clients identify, evaluate and implement measures to reduce energy usage and as a result, reduce their GHG emissions. Often, companies want to know how their facility energy usage compares within their company's site portfolio or against other companies in their industry.

We can help you assess:

  • Energy intensity of your facilities (e.g., kWh/ft2, MWh/widget)
  • Facility v. facility performance
  • Prioritized areas for improvement
  • Energy Star ratings and streamlined data capture for applicable facilities
  • Monitoring performance can lead to verified reductions

Consumption Workshops™
For the company with multiple sites spread across a broad geographic footprint, Summit created the Consumption Workshop™. The Consumption Workshop™ is a proprietary process that puts the power of energy usage reduction into the hands of on site professionals who can drive the implementation of energy efficiency projects. Consumption Workshops™ are ideal for companies that have identified energy efficiency projects in the past, but never seemed to get them implemented because of the internal competition for capital dollars. Our energy efficiency experts work side-by-side with your facility managers and engineers in a data-driven process to measure, analyze, and reduce energy usage and GHG emissions. It is not unusual for clients to realize energy savings of 8.9% or more. This program combines site level accountability with executive level involvement to ensure that projects identified are given proper consideration at the corporate level. Summit has delivered Consumption Workshops™ for hundreds of facilities across the globe with stellar results.

Energy and Sustainable Site Assessments
Summit provides on-site, professionally managed site assessments for clients seeking a thorough analysis of their usage profile and identification of efficiency and usage reduction opportunities. Energy site assessments are overseen by our highly experienced team of mechanical, electrical and environmental engineering professionals.

In addition to energy, our team can also evaluate and assess the performance of buildings and facilities against "green" building initiatives. Water, sustainable site, and materials are examples of categories we'll evaluate and provide a scorecard by building so you know where you are and where you need to go to increase performance and lower costs.

These comprehensive assessments provide recommendations for changes in processes and equipment to help you comply with regulatory requirements as well as take full advantage of financial incentives.

Energy Metering with Energy Insight™
You can truly have your finger on the pulse of any particular meter in your entire site portfolio. With Summit's advanced utility metering solution, Energy Insight™, you can have real-time online access to any of your enabled meters. You can be notified when you are approaching peak usage, run reports to find optimization opportunities and even shut off equipment - right from your desktop. For those who need their hands on the energy wheel, Energy Insight™ delivers total control.

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