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Going green can not only be a cost reduction strategy but it's a demonstrable way to increase the value, appeal and marketability of your assets and properties. Several programs and organizations exist to lend credibility to your efforts.

How can you proceed safely?

Green Building Initiatives. Taking the LEED.
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Tenants want - and are willing to pay for - healthier and more energy efficient buildings. Owners are seeking to contain costs and manage GHG emissions. Summit understands these dynamics, and has built a reputation as a leading provider of solutions that range from corporate-wide strategies to improve the sustainability of facility portfolios to cost-effective, energy-saving solutions at the individual building level. "Green" building initiatives can help in pursuit of sustainable building practices.

Energy Star
It starts with energy benchmarking - determining how your portfolio stacks up against others in your industry. Summit, as an Energy Star Service and Product Provider, assists clients in fully leveraging the tools and resources available to them through EPA's Energy Star program. We provide guidance to organizations seeking to achieve Energy Star ratings for their properties and certify buildings under the program. Many of our clients have hundreds, even thousands of facilities, so Summit's expertise with collecting data across a large number of facilities becomes essential when attempting to implement enterprise-wide Energy Star programs.

Green Building Initiatives
Property managers are going green and programs such as LEED and Green Globes can help them get there. The U. S. Green Building Council (USGBC), established LEED standards to evaluate and rate the "green levels" of buildings. These ratings span various building categories and are defined by LEED ratings of certified, silver, gold, or platinum.

The Green Globes program is a growing, recognized standards program in use within the United States and Canada. This program, recognized by the American National Standards Institute, helps building owners, developers and managers build and retrofit buildings to achieve high degrees of environmental efficiency. Properties earn a distinct number of "globes" that rate the building's performance against the Green Globes standards.

Summit's team includes LEED Accredited Professionals and individuals with experience administering the Green Globes process. Summit's Sustainable Site Assessment will:

  • Provide initial assessment and score performance of facilities according to green building practices
  • Assess your portfolio to identify potential LEED or Green Globes candidates
  • Recommend strategies to achieve certification with a focus in the energy & atmosphere categories
  • Assemble a project development team to target accreditation
  • Implement cost-savings and reduction strategies to improve performance and obtain program credits

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