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Navigating the Road

Life is filled with tradeoffs. So is the road to sustainability. Summit's team can help you find the right balance of environmental participation and economic investment.

How can you proceed safely?

Where the post consumer recycled rubber meets the road.

So, you know where you are and you know where you want to go. Now, the hard part. You have to actually start making the investment decisions that will take you where you want to go. "Portfolio optimization" is an area where our team of sustainability professionals excels. We can help you reduce, renew and restore in a way that aligns with your corporate goals and sustainability objectives.

Portfolio Optimization

  • Reduce
    A key first step in driving sustainability goals is to find ways to reduce your energy usage. Summit's energy solutions services include energy benchmarking, site assessments and our proprietary multi-site energy reduction program, Consumption Workshops. Keeping track of the reductions achieved is key to demonstrating success and charting performance towards goals. » Learn more

    Supplementing your reduction activities with Summit's knowledge and experience around utility rebates and incentives can drive even greater energy reductions. Summit has led many companies through the process of identifying and fully leveraging myriad offerings from energy utilities. Along these lines, Summit has provided thorough financial analysis of Demand Response programs. » Learn more
  • Renew
    Moving towards cleaner sources of energy generation to reduce carbon is how companies can renew their portfolios. Evaluating how wind, solar, biomass or other renewable energy sources can fit within your supply portfolio. » Learn more

    In addition to adding renewables to your portfolio, Summit can also help you drive renewable goals within the built environment. Various green building efforts are available to help organizations improve the environmental performance of their buildings and facilities. Greening your site portfolio can positively impact corporate messaging opportunities and elevate property values. » Learn more
  • Restore
    Carbon market compliance or going "Carbon neutral" or "carbon zero" can be difficult to achieve even if reduce and renew activities are maximized. Many companies choose to restore their portfolio through the use of quality carbon credits or offsets. In the emerging carbon marketplace a company must balance compliance commitments, voluntary reduction programs and overall carbon cost management issues. Doing so can restore a company's carbon footprint to either be compliant or gain a competitive advantage. » Learn more

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