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Navigating the Road

You can find financial incentives along the way if you know where to look. Many utilities and governments provide fiscally attractive options that are not leveraged by all end users who qualify. Our in-depth knowledge of programs and opportunities can help you find profitable incentives.

How can you proceed safely?

Roadside assistance! Utilizing incentives and credit tracking.

Summit will help you take advantage of the wide range of incentives for projects such as reducing energy usage during peak periods, improving energy efficiency or utilizing renewable energy. Our sustainability team will help you identify programs that will work for you and assess program risks and rewards, issue RFPs, and negotiate the best possible financial terms for your participation. It is another way we help clients reduce energy costs.

Rebates, Incentives & Credits
Rebates and incentives provide end users with opportunities to upgrade their equipment, drive out unnecessary kilowatts or invest in projects like on-site generation. Often, finding incentives that line up with your corporate footprint can be complex considering the labyrinth of federal, state and local options that are available. Because we work for more than 15,000 sites globally, our worldwide team of analysts are aware of opportunities that may benefit our clients and help them remain informed and take advantage of these offerings.

Demand Response Programs
Demand response programs provide financial incentives to reduce energy consumption during peak periods of energy demand. As utilities and independent system operators (ISOs) are pressured to keep costs down and find ways to get as many miles as they can out of every kilowatt, demand response programs have gained popularity. Many end users too quickly dismiss demand response programs as risky, concluding that they just cannot afford to have their energy supply interrupted or reduced. However, with the proper due diligence, a correct understanding of the program rules and a thorough financial assessment, Summit can often show our clients how to reap significant financial advantages without assuming undue production or operational risk.

Demand Response Diagram

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