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The Summit team can help position you to take advantage of maximum savings, incentives and rewards in the world of green energy. We have been down the road before - negotiating PPAs, securing RECs, procuring renewables - we can steer you in a direction that aligns with your way.

How can you proceed safely?

Renewable energy. Profiting from the next generation of power.

As the balance of power shifts to the use of more renewable forms of energy, the power of Summit's global knowledge and expertise will help you investigate, understand and profit from the next generation of energy. Solar, wind, biomass and other renewable sources are clean fuels that offer alternatives to fossil fuel generation. We are on the forefront with the latest intelligence and most up-to-date insights and strategies to help position you for maximum effectiveness in both voluntary and compliance markets around the world. From São Paulo to San Jose, Summit helps clients strategize on how to best capitalize on emerging renewable markets considering the complexities that arise around feasibility, cost, and corporate messaging objectives.

Renewable Energy Credits
Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) (sometimes called "green" certificates or green tags) - are the "environmental attributes" of renewable energy generation that are managed separately from the underlying electricity. RECs provide the opportunity for end-users to "green" their electricity supply or, in some markets, meet compliance obligations. Summit's global sustainability team helps our clients:

  • Strategize on how RECs can be used to maximize sustainability goals and company revenue
  • Understand REC market dynamics and pricing
  • Sift through the provider universe to find the most reliable, verifiable and credible sources of renewable energy credits
  • Monetize RECs generated through on-site renewable generation and facilitate selling into voluntary and compliance markets
  • Procure quality, cost-effective RECs on behalf of clients to meet corporate sustainability goals, LEED credits and/or compliance obligations
  • Participate in "green" certificate and REC trading in the European and North American markets

On-site Renewable Generation
Installing solar, wind, biomass and other on-site generation projects is becoming increasingly competitive with grid supplied electricity due in large part to a myriad of incentives available in global electricity markets. Summit's team helps clients identify markets and technologies that are ripe for the taking. We will:

  • Assess the opportunities associated with installing renewable energy at your facilities around the world
  • Conduct pre-feasibility and feasibility studies for solar, wind and biomass projects with an emphasis on cost-effectiveness
  • Evaluate the potential for utilizing power purchase agreements (PPAs) to support project financing and implementation
  • Advise on management of RECs and other credits, incentives, grants or rebates available at the local, state, federal and national levels

Cogeneration. Generating Savings From Your Facilities
Cogeneration involves the recapturing and recycling of what would otherwise be wasted energy to heat a building or provide electricity. Summit helps companies with various pieces of the cogeneration puzzle:

  • Feasibility studies to identify and evaluate cogeneration opportunities including cost, savings, and return on investment analysis
  • Recommendations for new projects that comply with regulatory requirements and take advantage of financial incentives
  • Maximizing returns from selling excess renewable energy generated back to the energy grid
  • Support implementing recommendations

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