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GPS Plan Map

Plotting the Course

When you know what's coming down the road, you have a more successful trip. The Summit Energy GPS puts data at your fingertips and brings you all the market intelligence you need to make your trip a success.

How will you get there?

Are we there yet?

Imagine heading off on a trip with a faulty speedometer, defective fuel gauge or inaccurate odometer. Lacking visibility to essential data can keep you from arriving at your destination or even cause you to get stranded along the way. Summit's comprehensive data management processes were built to provide help you stay on track along your sustainability journey.

Global Data Management
The old adage that you can't manage what you don't measure is as true for sustainability metrics as it is for revenue and expenses. Our proprietary dashboarDView™ - "DV" provides a centralized, web-based platform to communicate the status and data associated with your sustainability program.

  • A web-based platform that collects, stores, and reports energy usage, greenhouse gas emission data and other pertinent statistical inputs from your facilities anywhere in the world.
  • System to integrate and document the specific measurement and reporting around your program's effectiveness - utilizing your Sustainability Roadmap and CarbonMap™ as a foundation.
  • Since energy usage is typically responsible for more than 90% of a corporate GHG emissions inventory, we are already one step ahead in collecting the data needed to build an emissions baseline.
  • Secure online platform allows you to view your data on an aggregate and site-by-site basis.

Our data capture and emissions reporting processes can withstand the scrutiny of third party verification, so you can rest assured that your reporting and communications are built on a solid foundation. DV gives you all the information you need to track your performance and accurately report your progress to your stakeholders.

Market Intelligence & Insight

Sustainability Review Document

In today's blog-centric and information-saturated environment, there is more "green" or "sustainability" information than you can keep up with. As regulations change and pressures mount, your organization will likely be faced with growing exposure related to carbon and sustainability issues. Summit's sustainability team keeps a close watch on relevant developments in carbon, renewable energy, and related areas and provides meaningful market intelligence recaps and regulatory assessments so that you can be up to speed without being up to your eyeballs.

In this emerging marketplace, the ability to have your finger on the pulse of the global market without having to read every trade publication or draft carbon law is invaluable. Summit's Quarterly Outlooks and special reports give you an insider's view of global and regional market intelligence and regulatory developments so that you can see the road ahead and make necessary course adjustments along the way.

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