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Measuring the Progress

It's not enough to head for sustainability, you have to be able to tell others about your progress along the way. Summit's experienced team can help you document ongoing and honest assessments of your performance.

Are you making progress?

Reporting honestly, openly and instantly.

Being able to report your progress is a key to the success of your sustainability program and strategy. We'll help you accurately report key data and progress to all necessary stakeholders inside and outside your organization.

Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emissions Reporting
Insufficient or incorrect data reporting can undermine your credibility, setting back your efforts. Summit has the solution.

Our knowledge of evolving GHG standards and protocols make compliance manageable. Add in our expertise in managing GHG emissions, multiple data sets, and information technology, and you'll see why global companies turn to Summit Energy for customized emissions inventory management solutions.

The Summit Energy GPS has all of the tools and support you need to measure your current carbon footprint - from establishing your baseline, to tracking relevant data, to managing performance. The depth of detail and validity behind our reporting processes ensures that you can always give data-driven support to prove your claims of progress. Our reporting processes are not simply mathematical formulas applied against your usage data. Rather, using our proprietary CarbonMap™ as a foundation, we accurately assess items such as boundary conditions, calculation methodologies, and auditing and verification options to ensure that your GHG reporting is airtight.

Our online carbon tracking and reporting tool, dashboarDView™ is a web-based platform that collects, stores and reports greenhouse gas emission data from all your emitting sources - not just energy. A global GHG reporting solution should help you answer these questions:

  • Where do we stand?
  • What's included in the program?
  • Where do we need to go?
  • What are we doing about it?

With DV you can establish carbon budgets, baselines and set targets - then, use up to date emission source usage information to track your performance. Never again will you need to take days or weeks to pull together accurate GHG reports - now, they are at your fingertips. DV's reporting tools can measure GHG emissions on a site level basis and provide aggregate or "roll-up" reports to allow you to see your data from different vantage points.

Environmental Metrics - Your Measure of Success
Often the key to understanding and communicating is measuring. In addition to GHGs, our systems help internal and external stakeholders understand the factors that help your company achieve its sustainability based reduction goals. Water, waste, energy and carbon and other metrics specific to your business can be tracked through our DV platform. Corporate and site specific stakeholders have one stop access to your sustainability reporting needs.

This not only helps you communicate your progress, but helps focus management and employees on what is needed to achieve your corporate sustainability goals. Summit helps you translate your emissions into relevant performance metrics.

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